The Student Life Hall of Fame, located in the Ferguson Student Center, was established on April 10, 1981, during the presidency of Dr. Howard B. Gundy and the guidance of Mr. Dale Taylor as The University of Alabama marked it sesquicentennial anniversary.

On April 2, 1992, the Hall of Fame was dedicated in memory of Dr. Warner O. “Lanny” Moore, Jr., a former history professor and beloved director of Honors Day, Dr. Warner “Lanny” Moore. The Hall of Fame was renovated in 2010 to create a setting equal to the outstanding achievements of administrators, staff, and students honored within it.

The Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding contributions to student life at the Capstone. By recognizing these distinguished individuals, the Student Life Hall of Fame stands as a tribute to those who positively impact our campus community. Operated from within the Division of Student Life at UA, the Hall of Fame has honored beloved administrators, outstanding teachers, and courageous students who brought about change. This venue allows the longterm efforts of many to be showcased, and to remind those that pass through the Hall each day of the importance found in impacting the lives of students on The University of Alabama’s campus.